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Welcome! I help students of all ages and ability levels develop into confident, well- rounded musicians with a growth mindset who love music for life.  My favorite student isn't the student I used to have or the one I wish I favorite student is the one i'm working with...right. now.


About Anna

Anna attended Butler University where she studied under Henry Leck and Dr. Tim Brimmer, with a focus in vocal jazz education.  Anna has run and taught for two successful Kindermusik Studios in Suwanee and Cumming, GA, and in 2015 created a standards based performing arts preschool using music, drama and dance. Anna began teaching private lessons in 2006.  She is able to draw out a students potential and offers a warm, fun approach to teaching. She leads worship with a band at her local church and relishes singing harmony with her 3 children. She enjoys writing, sharing creative ideas, personality, hiking, cooking and baking, and coffee dates with friends. photo cred. @audreynicolephotography


Work with Anna

Where the magic begins!

Traditional Piano or Voice Lessons

One 30 minute lesson per week, $110/month

This is a great place to start, and most likely the style of lesson you had when you were a student. We are able to cover on average, one level per semester (sometimes it takes a little longer) and the majority of the practice takes place at home.  Ages 6-96 

Group Lessons 

one 30 minute class per week,

$162/9-week session, plus materials

I help your child get ready for private piano (and a love of music!) in a virtual music experience. 2-8 children per class.

Group Lessons: ages 4-5 Wunderkeys Piano for Preschoolers introduces:

1.symbol-to-sound recognition

2. practice finger independence and coordination using fun animal characters

3. Improve aural awareness

4. play long and short sounds on the black keys

5. play high and low sounds on the black keys

6. play sounds moving higher and lower

7. Learn math skills to assist musical understanding

Group lessons: K-1st grade

My First Piano Adventures Method and writing Book introduces:
1. Directional pre-reading

2. elementary music theory and technique

3. engaging songs, games and creative discovery at the keyboard

4. white-key names and basic rhythms

5.multi-cultural songs and characters

6. ear training and eye training

7. sing, move, play!

Accelerated Lessons  

two 30 minute lessons per week, $220/month

does your child resist practicing like most students?   With this option, your student will get through material faster, potentially play more minutes during the week, and I will be there to help guide them through their playing so you can spend time doing other things you enjoy!  *This is also a great option for advanced students or those voice students getting ready for an upcoming audition!

Advanced Lessons

one 45 minute lesson once per week, $165/month

This is a great option for serious voice students looking to excel in their musical development, audition with confidence, etc.  This is also for piano students who are playing longer, challenging songs that require more than a 30 minute lesson.  

Voice- Audition Preparation Package

$197/4 30 minute lessons

I help students go into an audition feeling prepared, confident and in character.  Just a few lessons can make a notable impact on how your voice sounds and carries in an audition!



Recitals are optional but encouraged for the opportunity to perfect a song, practice memorization, showcase and celebrate their hard work, as well as learn from and connect with other students! Recitals are included in tuition and take the place of that week's lesson. I personally had incredible stage fright and struggled with performance anxiety so I offer empathy, strategy, and make every effort to create a meaningful recital experience.  Depending on logistics, expect 1-2 recitals per year. *coming soon- Student workshops!


Virtual lessons: How It Works

Computers offer the best virtual lesson experience, then an iPad, and in a pinch, a cell phone will do.  Position your camera so I can see your students posture and hands.  I use for our lesson platform, which you will receive the URL address upon enrollment.  We will be able to share music in real time, and have a premier video and audio experience that surpasses other platforms, especially if you use headphones!  I also use Tonara, a shared interface that allows you to view lesson notes and assignments, track practice times, fluency/feedback and increase motivation through friendly competition with other students in my studio!

If you’re interested in learning more about our services, simply get in touch.

morgan testimonial pic.jpg

From the start Anna and I connected like two peas in a pod—we always shared a good laugh! My goal from our sessions was to become confident in a challenging solo piece and to be selected to perform for my senior cabaret. My music contained many musical elements and Anna showed me how to approach each section to perform the piece at my very best. I learned how to give a fuller tone but also how to soften up and sing quieter. All in all, I accomplished my goal, performed the piece and appreciated every session I spent with Anna."

Morgan- Voice Student

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