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Developing marketable musicians and beautiful humans for over 15 years




Anna attended Butler University where she studied under Henry Leck and Dr. Tim Brimmer, with a focus in vocal jazz education.  Anna has run two successful Kindermusik Studios in Suwanee and Cumming, GA, and in 2015 created a standards based performing arts preschool using music, drama and dance. Anna began teaching private lessons in 2006.  She is able to draw out a students’ potential and offers a warm, fun approach to teaching, combining traditional method, chords/lead sheet, and all styles of voice.  


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Where the magic begins!

Traditional Piano or Voice Lessons

One 30 minute lesson per week, $136/month

​One 60 minute lesson per week, $270/month

Children’s Voice Class

NEW! I am currently creating a wait list for this new opportunity for a virtual singing class geared for young, early elementary singers! Submit a request form to learn more!

$150 for a 6 week course (plus materials)

Auditon Preparation for a Musical
$160 for 2, 60 minute lessons


I help students go into an audition feeling prepared, confident and in character.  Just a few lessons can make a notable impact on how your voice sounds and carries in an audition!  We will work on their song selection as well as their lines!


Audition Preparation for Music School, Voice Principle Audition and Piano Placement Exam:

One 60 minute lesson per week, investment of $900/12 Week Course, plus cost of music.

In this Exciting 12 week course you will prepare all of the components for a college- level audition and feel prepared and confident. You will Learn:

1. 2 Classical Pieces (or one Classical and one art/folk or musical theatre piece)

2. Sight reading on words, numbers and/or solfege

3. Ear Training

4. Learn or fine tune your 2-octave piano scales (circle of 5ths)

5. Piano sight reading for your piano placement exam.

6. Select and perfect a piano selection of your choice

*I have taken these audition requirements from the University of Minnesota School of Music and my own auditioning experience at Butler University School of Music.




Recitals are optional but encouraged for the opportunity to perfect a song, practice memorization, showcase and celebrate their hard work, as well as learn from and connect with other students! Recitals are included in tuition and take the place of that week's lesson. There are two recitals per year, winter and spring.



Computers offer the best virtual lesson experience, then an iPad, and in a pinch, a cell phone will do.  Position your camera so I can see your students’ posture and hands.  For voice students, make sure you have a second device to play your music tracks. I highly recommend recording your lesson to listen back and practice with during the week.

From the start Anna and I connected like two peas in a pod—we always shared a good laugh! My goal from our sessions was to become confident in a challenging solo piece and to be selected to perform for my senior cabaret. My music contained many musical elements and Anna showed me how to approach each section to perform the piece at my very best. I learned how to give a fuller tone but also how to soften up and sing quieter. All in all, I accomplished my goal, performed the piece and appreciated every session I spent with Anna."

Morgan- Voice Student



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