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Music's Healing Magic

It's been a long day. After hitting the snooze button twice, you finally got up, stubbing your toe on a lego as you stumbled groggily to the bathroom. You were able to drop the kids off at school just as the bell rang, and darted off to a day at the office. The emails, piles of work and cranky customers seemed to pile higher than that beautiful sandwich you left at home on the kitchen counter. When 5:00 rolls around, you close up your computer and head back to pick up the kids from school, contemplating what will be easy for a quick dinner before hockey and soccer practice at 6:30.

Whew! Sound familiar? I'm tired just writing that! Now, what if you could sneak in 15 minutes to just sit down at the piano and play a song you know by heart. 15 minutes away from the grind, away from deadlines, away from responsibilities of the day....and you could just live in a moment of beauty, joy, connection, breathe deeply and just do something for you that you enjoy. Do you think the rest of your day would be better or worse after taking this time for yourself?

This is something that I hope for all of my students. When you have a musical background, it is something stable, healing and joyful that you can return to again and again throughout your life. Whether you are consciously pressing out your blues and cares into the keys as a way for true music therapy, OR you are just playing for enjoyment, for the challenge of learning something new- music heals. It just has that magical ability to bring out any feelings we want to evoke. And when a child sits down to play on their own, without being prompted, you know for sure that they are experiencing this. Encourage them in these moments, to return to their instrument throughout their lives for enjoyment, peace, fun, and beauty. And on those rough days, music is there ready to be a key to open our hearts.

How has music impacted your life? Has music gotten you through a difficult time? Comment below or send me a message!



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