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Winter RECITAL- 2020 style!

Imagine the quintessential small-town church with steps leading up to grande double doors that lead right into the coziest sanctuary with a beautiful grande piano. The room decked with holiday lights and trees, red ribbons adorning the pews. Children squirming eagerly in their seats, dressed in their holiday best with hair brushed nicely...awaiting their turn to play the piece they prepared especially for this day. Holiday punch and treats ready to be tasted as families mingle and celebrate their children's hard work....

This is my ideal Holiday Recital that I want to give my families....and as disappointing as it is not to be able to share a recital in person this year, I am so excited to share a special evening with my families where we can play for each other and hopefully enjoy some hot cocoa and treats from our living rooms. And really, what could be more cozy than snuggling on your couch with your child while enjoying songs by friends near and far, sipping and snacking in the presence of your own favorite decorations and lights? No matter what, I am looking forward to celebrating the accomplishments of my favorite super heroes- these students who have figured out distance learning, playing piano (some for the first time!) with a teacher in a different'm humbled, proud and ready to listen to them play the songs they have been working on this semester!

I'll see YOU and YOURS in just a few cocoa in hand...and maybe with a little tear in my eye, cause I just can't help it! :).


Ms. Anna

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